Digital Coffee – Facebook Video & The Algorithm – 10th May 2019

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Question of the day: Were you aware of Instagram Shadowbanning?

👻Instagram admits shadow banning is a thing

📼Facebook algorithm  changes and it’s all about video

🕺Add gifs to quote tweets

Instagram finally admits shadow banning is a thing

  • Not all posts or accounts are eligible to be surfaced in Explore and hashtag pages. We use a variety of signals, for example, if an account has recently gone against our Community Guidelines, to determine which posts and accounts can be recommended to the community.
  • Also working on the reporting guidelines so we’ll see more on this soon

Facebook changes it’s algorithm again and it’s all about video

  • ‘Over the coming months’
  • Strengthening influence of…
  • we will add more weight in ranking to videos that people seek out and return to week after week. Does this mean shows like this or videos that continue to get views long after their publish date?
  • Videos people search for in search, watch or on your page which suggests it’s live shows etc
  • more weight in ranking to videos that keep people engaged, especially on videos that are at least three minutes long and are watched to the end.
  • Content that was posted somewhere else first that your page didn’t create… (Reposting content you posted yourself is ok though)

Animated gifs on quote tweets…

  • A focus on conversations again
  • Will be great to add other media but as Gifs are an expression of feeling this makes sense

New tools from Facebook for small business

  • Automated ads – With Automated Ads, we ask you a few simple questions about your business and your goals, and then we develop a customized marketing plan for you.
  • Bad news for people who do ads for very small business
  • Video editing (In ads manager) –
  • Auto crop that keeps you centre of screen
  • Trimming that will help you edit the end or keep a video to the right length for the ad placement
  • book and manage appointments on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Free including SMS and Messenger reminders to customers to prevent no-shows.

Facebook group category changes incoming

  • General – most groups will become this
  • Jobs – Will include a new post type for posting jobs, make it easy for job-seekers to filter posts and apply on Facebook
  • Health support – Members can ask the group’s admins to post on their behalf, which allows a member to make a sensitive post without revealing their identity to everyone else in the group.

Removing some categories

Birthday greetings on Facebook stories

  • Quick to create
  • Nice because I like to send DM birthday wishes rather than public wishes
  • Could be overwhelming for the birthday person

Facebook group filtering question update

  • Now you can have checkboxes, multi-choice or written

Tool of the week

  • Facebook Insights to Go
  • See studies from Facebook
  • Get headline stats and download them for presentations

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