How To Use Instagram Superzoom To Add Emphasis To Your Story – 1 Minute Moment #101

How To Use Instagram Superzoom To Add Emphasis To Your Story

I have a soft spot for Instagram Superzoom, the quirky feature that adds customised zooming effects to your Instagram story elements. Each zoom effect adds emphasis in a different way and I’m having great fun playing with it.

Superzoom was launched just in time for Halloween in 2017. At the time there was one effect available. Now called ‘Dramatic’ it zooms jerkily into an object accompanied by a soundtrack that suggests something shocking.

We now have four different Superzoom effects and I’ve been testing them to see how they can be used to add emphasis to your stories.

But first…

Where do you find Superzoom?

When you open your Instagram camera scroll past Text, Live, Boomerang and you’ll find Superzoom. Click the musical note icon to select your style: Dramatic, TV Show, Bounce or Beats and then hit record.

where to find superzoom
Click Superzoom in the footer menu and click the musical icon to choose your style.

Enhance your stories with Superzoom

Superzoom is fun but it can also be used to add emphasis to your story. Let’s look at each style and what you can use it for.


TV Show – And they all lived happily ever after

This style will be popular in the run up to Valentine’s Day. TV Show zooms and surrounds your subject in a pink sparkly frame just like the end of an American soap opera. The soundtrack is romantic and tingly.

What to use it for:

1. To show love

If you spot something you love, whether it’s a person or something you just have to buy this effect will demonstrate your passion. If you meet your business crush or are delighted with a thank you letter you got from a happy customer TV Show is the best way to show how you feel.

2. The end

Because this is the classic soap opera ending you can use it to indicate the end of your story. Is there a resolution? Do you ride off into the sunset?

Beats – Dance all night

Beats is a fast, erratic zoom that spins in and out, in and out to the tune of a dance track.

What to use it for:

1. Celebration

Did something epic just happen? Did you get amazing news? Superzoom Beats shows you dancing for joy.

2. Nightclubbing

Are you out dancing? Even if you are just watching from the sidelines you can double up the party experience with Superzoom beats.

Bounce – Eye-popping

Bounce zooms in and pings back as if pulled by an elastic cord. Accompanied by a twang it oozes comedy.

What to use it for:


Use bounce to show an expression of eye-popping surprise or to show that you are stunned or shocked.


The classic zoom effect indicates horror or drama.

What to use it for:

1. A horrible discovery

When you find something unexpected or less than savoury this effect emphasises your horror. I’m thinking of  a spider in the bath, the night my cat ate the corners from a birthday cake I’d just made or the day I walked outside and discovered I had a flat tyre.

2. Revealing an evil genius

I had great fun using this on my cats. Instead of zooming in on the nibbled cake superzoom in on the culprit.

What is your favourite Superzoom? Have you seen other accounts using it well? Did you do something mad creative yourself?

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