The Magic Of Wave Video – Could This Be Everything You Need To Edit Quick Online Videos?

Online Video Editing With Animatron Wave Video

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When you sit down to edit a video, you realise that planning and shooting was a breeze. 

Where do you even start? 

Video editing tools are sent to baffle us. I’ve been editing videos since my teens and I still struggle with some of them.

What if I was to tell you that there is an online video tool out there that:

  • Resizes the videos you make to suit all social networks, portrait landscape and square?
  • Is packed with free to use (and premium) stock video and music to enhance your video?
  • Adds animated text elements customised to your brand colours?
  • Lets you trim your clips so you can edit out all the mistakes?
  • Has templates you can follow so you don’t have to start from scratch?

Well there is, and it’s called ‘Wave Video’ (affiliate link)

I’ve been giving it a test drive and have created a tutorial for you below.

Wave Online Video Editing Tutorial

Online Video Editing With Animatron Wave In 7 Easy Steps

Sign up for a free Wave Video account here (affiliate link).

1. Templates

If you need to create something fast the templates section is for you. You don’t have to storyboard or shoot, you can do it all within Wave.

Open a template and it will give you cues for text overlays. You can switch out the video and music elements to better suit your brand.

If you want to create something different click the ‘Start from Scratch’ button

2. Formats

This has to be the killer feature from Wave Video. You can select multiple formats for a video. Choose from Instagram story size, square, horizontal (amongst many others).

When you make your video, it will create a version for each size.

3. Video library

You can upload your own clips but if you need extra footage, there’s a library of videos to choose from. Some are free others are premium elements.

4. Snip your clips

When you choose a video, the whole thing is added to the editing interface. You can trim these down to any length. This is handy if you need to cut the beginning and end off a video you have made.

5. Add text

This is one of my favourite features.

I’m using Wave for Instagram Stories at the moment. We know a chunk of people watch those with the sound off. The animated text elements can help you tell your story just the way you want to with no sound.

You can change the position of the text and the way it’s animated.

6. Transitions

If you have added multiple clips to your video, you can choose how you cut between them. Cross-fade is selected by default but there are lots of other effects you can choose from. Be careful not to overuse the fancy effects.

7. Check other formats

Once you’ve completed your video click into the other ‘formats’ and edit the elements to fit each of those.

That’s it, you’ve created a video. 

How Much?

There is a 100% free version of this tool but there are some limitations. It’s well worth giving it a try.

Premium pricing starts at $59 per month ($39 if you subscribe for a year). If you need to create a lot of videos for work this is great value. Even better… if you use my affiliate link to buy you get 10% off.

You can see a full video created using Wave Video on my Instagram highlights. Choose the ‘Blog Clinic’ story.

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The Magic Of Wave Video – Could This Be Everything You Need To Edit Quick Online Videos?

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