Crayola Characters Return for Holiday Hijinks

The animated Crayola characters have returned for this holiday season and are appearing in two holiday spots. “The characters step out into the real world in these spots and leverage cinematic appeal and humor to connect with kids and adults alike,” according to a press release.

In “Rube Goldberg Machine,” Scarlet, Gus, Rod and Bluetiful develop a machine that lands them into Christmas stockings hanging nearby. Their message is to “Give the gift of creativity this holiday.”

In the second spot, “Oh, the Craymanity,” the same characters admire a young girl’s colorful artwork. The spot takes a turn when the characters realize the art was made with melted crayons. The brand’s strategy is to use humor to stay relevant with older tweens who otherwise may have moved on from Crayola.

The Crayola characters first appeared during the 2016 holiday season. At the time, Crayola provided a description of the new characters:

  • Scarlet: Scarlet is sassy and confident. She doesn’t hold back her strong personality, and she values her friends.
  • Asparagus “Gus”: Gus is the goofball and joker of the group. When he gets into something, he goes all out, which is how he may have gotten his chipped tooth. His expressive eyes reflect his unbridled enthusiasm.
  • Goldenrod “Rod”: Rod’s thick red glasses magnify the nervousness in his eyes, and complement his timid and cautious personality.

In 2017, the new color Bluetiful debuted as part of Crayola’s line, and the name was determined through an online poll.

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