Brandemonium 2018: 5 Questions With Amy Balliett, CEO of Killer Infographics

The old adage “a picture is worth a thousand words”  means even more in this digital age, when images that are purposefully created to convey a specific meaning or message make it so much easier to share information widely.

Studies find that 91% of audiences prefer visual content over traditional formats, which is why Killer Infographics, a full-service visual communication agency, helps brands identify and execute the right visual content strategies across a wide range of touchpoints and tools.

Balliet, Co-Founder and CEO of Killer Infographics, sat down with Christine Sech, Executive Director of Strategy at Interbrand at brandchannel studio to discuss the importance of visual communication, why it is so impactful, how communication has shifted over time, predictions for the future, and more.

Watch the whole interview for some great insights and considerations.

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