What Online Shoppers Want–and How You Can Provide It [Infographic]

Between personalization, recommendations, loyalty programs, and more, the question remains: What do consumers really want in an online experience? 

Yieldify, a customer journey optimization company, went back to the basics to find out. It asked over 1,000 online shoppers what they want and then created an infographic with some of the highlights, including…

  • Nearly two-thirds of consumers expect brands to have up-to-date information about their shopping preferences.
  • Yet 59% of consumers are not comfortable with behavior tracking.
  • However, Generation Z is 30% more comfortable with tracking than other generations.
  • One in five women and one in four baby boomers said an email from a brand is what drove them to their most recent purchase.
  • The best way to get customers to purchase on-site is to help them feel they are getting the best price.

So what do customers really want—and, more important, is that what you are giving them? Check out the infographic to see.




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