How to Use Tailwind App for better Pinterest Marketing Results [Review]

To get started with Tailwind App, you’ll need:

  1. an active Pinterest account
  2. a free trial or active account with Tailwind.
  3. the Tailwind Browser Extension.  You can get the Tailwind Browser Extension for Chrome here.  It’s also available for Safari and Firefox.

Before we go into more detail about the browser extension and how Tailwind scheduling works, here’s a great quick overview from Tailwind:

As you can see from the video, the Tailwind extension is an important tool to start using when you use Tailwind App. If you skipped the video, here’s how it works:

Why use the Tailwind App Browser Extension?

It’s the easiest and fastest way to schedule Pins and Repins on Pinterest. Here’s what it looks like in my browser:

Once you have it installed, you’ll see the Tailwind Icon in your browser. Then you can use it to share content easily on Pinterest.

To recap from the first 3 minutes of the video above, you can use the Browser Extension in the following ways to share content to Pinterest from a website page or blog:

  • If you are browsing the web and see an image you want to Pin, you just hover over the image and the click on the Tailwind Schedule button that appears on the image.
  • If you have multiple images you want to Pin from one page, click the Tailwind browser extension and all the images that are on the page will show up and you can select one (or many of them). Then select Go Schedule to schedule them. The images you are selecting will highlight and also show up in the bottom corner as a set:

Adding pins to Tailwind's Smart Schedule - How to use Tailwind App for Better Pinterest Marketing Results

In this example, I have chosen 3 images to share at once from a post I wrote about infographic tools. Because all 3 images are related to Infographics, I can use the top field to enter infographic groups or group boards.

Each of the 3 images will then be scheduled to each of the 3 boards I select, as you can see in the image below:

Adding Multiple Pins to Tailwind Schedule - How to use Tailwind App for Better Pinterest Marketing Results

Once I’m ready, I just click Schedule All and my pins will be added to my pre-determined Schedule. I’ll share how I set that up in a moment.

I can also add additional boards to any of these infographics. Say for example, one of the infographics was about a particular topic, like Instagram, I could scroll down to the bottom of that image and share that image to the Instagram Tips board as well.

You can also use the Browser Extension to Pin content directly from Pinterest:

  • If you are in Pinterest and see a Pin you want to Repin, just click on the Tailwind Schedule button that appears over the pin and click to Pin/Repin it via Tailwind.
  • If you are on Pinterest and want to Repin multiple Pins on the page, you also click on the Tailwind Browser Extension and all of the pins on that Pinterest page will show up. Select one or many of them and click Go Schedule. All the Repins will show up as drafts, so you can select boards, descriptions and schedule them.

In summary, the Tailwind Browser Extension allows you to easily Pin or “save” any image to Pinterest – from your website, another website or even from Pinterest itself.

Scheduling Pins with Tailwind

As you can see from the video above, smarter scheduling is the cornerstone of Tailwind App.

You can schedule pins at all times, in any time zone, to reach your audience when they are online – not just when you have time to pin manually. This is what leads to reach and traffic.

Finding the Best Time to Schedule Your Pins to Pinterest

It’s time to meet the Smart Schedule on Tailwind App. This is basically where Tailwind uses all of its smarts, and generates the perfect schedule for you. The schedule is based on when your Pins or content performs best on Pinterest.

It’s like being handed the fast-track to results …. on a silver platter.

You can set up your Smart Schedule to post any number of times per day. You might start with 5 or 10 pins and work up from there:


Tailwind's Smart Schedule How to use Tailwind App for Better Pinterest Marketing Results

Use Tailwind to find your best time to pin on Pinterest

Currently I pin around 30 times per day and when I increased the frequency, my traffic referral definitely went up. It just depends on the content you have to share. Most people might start with 5-10 pins per day on a new Tailwind account.

Here’s what my Tailwind Smart Schedule looks like currently:

Setting up weekly pinning schedule in Tailwind - How to use Tailwind App for Better Pinterest Marketing Results

The solid green slots are the times already set in place that I have entered myself or chosen from Tailwind’s selections. The green outlined slots are suggested times from Tailwind.  The red slots are for Tailwind’s SmartLoop (we will get to that later).

When you start your account, Tailwind will generate Timeslots at the times when your content is most likely to get reach and engagement – based on data for your account. You can also add Timeslots by:

  1. Clicking Add Time Slot and you will be able to add a custom time slot for a new timeslot and add it to your schedule.
  2. Clicking on any of the suggested times from Tailwind App to approve it and add more smart time slots to your schedule.

I can accept and add the suggested slots or I can ignore them. I can even start again and generate a whole new queue at any time.

Changing Pins in your Smart Schedule

If you want to change the order of pins it’s as easy as:

  1. Grabbing a pin in your schedule and dragging it into a new position.
  2. Hitting the Shuffle button to re-order the queue.

Scheduling Multiple Pins at One Time

As shown in the example above using the Browser Extension, if you have a post with multiple pins on it, you can share them at the same time.

Once you have chosen the boards you wish to share to (as in the example above) all you have to do is hit Schedule All and they will be added to your Smart Schedule.

And Boom… You’ve just scheduled dozens of images in one shot!

Here’s my Publisher on Tailwind App, showing that I currently have 600 pins ready to publish at times recommended by Tailwind:

Scheduled Pins in Tailwind - How to use Tailwind App for Better Pinterest Marketing Results

As I said, currently I have around 30 pins going out every day – from minimal effort. The majority of these pins are from my website and blog because Pinterest wants us to pin original content from our own websites. Read this post for more about advice straight from Pinterest about what to pin.

I visit Tailwind a couple of times per week to check my pins and top them up. Sometimes I don’t even have to check them if I am scheduled well ahead. This is perfect for when you are on holidays!

Once I add a bunch of pins I’ll usually hit the Shuffle Queue button and it will spread them out so the same pin is not being shared in a row to different boards.

Or you can use Interval Pinning to control this too. Let’s take a look at how that works:

Optimizing Your Schedule with Interval Pinning

If you pin to 2 or more boards, the Interval Pinning feature is handy to help prevent the same pin going out repeatedly in succession – and will spread your pins out over a period of time.

You can set the pins to go out a number of days apart (usually 24 hours apart is enough, but you can set it however you like).

When you schedule a pin using Tailwind App, you are given the option to let the Smart Schedule do the work and choose a time for you – or use Interval Pinning and set a minimum time between each pin.

Changing Interval Settings in Tailwind - How to use Tailwind App for Better Pinterest Marketing Results

If I hit Change Interval Settings I will see the following mini-dashboard pop up:

Setting up Interval settings in Tailwind App - How to use Tailwind App for Better Pinterest Marketing Results

As you can see on the image above, I have 3 options with Interval Settings:

  • Open Time Slot Option – your pins will be scheduled into your open time slots in your schedule, while complying with the minimum interval you set.
  • Exact Interval Option – this allows you to schedule pins at the exact time you choose regardless of a time slot being available. You can use this to schedule interval pins into your schedule even if it is already full. For example your entire schedule might be full but you need to schedule a pin to promote a blog post. Now you can choose a specific start time and interval to schedule your pins, regardless of existing time slots. These time slots remain fixed even if you shuffle your queue.
  • Optimize Interval Option – this allows you to use the optimized times that Tailwind suggest. It schedules your pins to the most optimal posting times without using your existing time slots. It also abides by the minimal interval time you set. These new optimized times appear as “manual” time slots.

Basically all you need to remember right now is that you can get super-controlling about how you share your Pins. And that this feature will help you to do it!

Using Tailwind for Pinterest Group Boards

For me, posting to Group Boards has been a big part of growth on Pinterest. Tailwind helps me share to Group boards so much more easily, and I use it daily. 

You can schedule pins to your own boards as well as other boards I am a member of. I have a Group Board and you can find out about how to join my Group Board below.

You should always check the Group Board Rules very carefully for any board you are a member of. This will ensure you don’t overshare pins or share the wrong type of content. Some boards have limits to the number of pins that you can share per day. Usually it’s 3 but it can be less.

Using Board Lists in Tailwind App

The easiest way to manage sharing to Pinterest Group Boards is with Board Lists in Tailwind App. To be honest, I’d struggle to keep up posting to and sharing from the boards I am a member of without them.

To set up Board Lists in Tailwind App, just choose Publisher > Board Lists in your dashboard. Then it’s super easy to add boards to lists depending on the type of content you are sharing (and the rules of the group). Here some of my board lists.

Board lists in Tailwind App - How to use Tailwind App for Better Pinterest Marketing Results

There are 3 ways to share to your own boards and group boards:

  1. Share manually.
  2. Share using Tailwind App’s Board Lists feature.
  3. Tailwind’s new automation feature, SmartLoop (we’ll get to that in a moment).

I use Tailwind App to share to my regular board lists too. It makes everything soooo much faster.

Join my Visual Content Creators Group Board

If you pin about visual content then check out my Visual Content Creators Group Board on Pinterest. Be sure to check the rules to see if the content is a good fit for you and you can contribute as per the board rules. If so, send us a message on Pinterest to ask to join.

Tailwind Tribes

It’s time to talk about my favourite feature of Tailwind, right now – Tailwind Tribes.

What are Tailwind Tribes and how do they work?

Tailwind Tribes are an awesome way to grow your Pinterest reach and traffic. I wrote a mega-post on it recently:

READ: How to Easily Boost Pinterest Reach with Tailwind Tribes

Tailwind Tribe members help each other to discover the best new content on Pinterest that will resonate with their audience – while collectively amplifying and sharing each other’s content.

Here’s a video explaining how it works:

Each Tribe member agrees to share around a common interest theme or topic. To participate in a Tribe, all you need to do is:

  1. Check the Tribe feed for content being added to review or share it.
  2. Share content from other people in your Tribe (usually more shares than pins that you contribute to the Tribe)
  3. Contribute quality content into the Tribe (from your own website or other Tribe members).
  4. Collaborate with other Tribe members to ensure there is a constant stream of great content being shared from the Tribe.

Members who share content into the Tribe get exposure to a relevant audience, and get more shares of their content. 

In some of my Tribes, I’ve had reach of 3 million or more. Here’s a snapshot of the Content Marketing Tailwind Tribe showing that I’ve received a lot of new shares and have had good Re-Shares and Repins overall since joining.

Tailwind Tribes in Tailwind App - How to use Tailwind App for Better Pinterest Marketing Results

Using Tailwind Tribes has bumped up the traffic from Pinterest to my site immensely. If you are using Tailwind, you will undoubtably want to use Tailwind Tribes.

Everyone benefits from being in a Tailwind Tribe. As members learn to trust the content from other members the overall quality of the Tribe content goes up.

Tailwind App also has a simple search function built into the dashboard so that you can search for new Tribes. Saying that, some tribes are better than others. Stay in Tribes that have quality content to share and leave those that don’t. It’s simple!

How Much Do Tailwind Tribes Cost?

The best part about all of this is that you can start using Tribes for free, even without a paid Tailwind Account.

But you do need to open up a Tailwind Account here.

Cool, hey? There’s a few things you should know though:

  • Every Tailwind account gets to be a member of 5 Tribes for free. You can make 30 content submissions per month. This is actually a decent amount to get started – and you’ll be able to tell if you benefit from Tribes. Play with it for free, and decide if you want to upgrade later.
  • If you need more Tribes than just 5 then you can purchase membership to more Tribes using “Power Ups”. These give you more submissions every month and start at just $9.99 per month.

Join My Tailwind Tribe!

If you are someone who posts content about visual content – from images, video and infographics to visual platforms like Pinterest and Instagram – then request to join my tribe here. It’s called the Visual Content Creators Tribe.

Be sure to check the rules for the Tribe first to see if it is a good fit for you. And remember, you will need a Tailwind Account, but joining my Tribe is free.

If you want to read more about Tailwind Tribes, you can do so here.

I thought Tailwind Tribes was the best thing since sliced bread, then I heard about Tailwind SmartLoop. Ready for more amazing features? Here we go:

Tailwind Smartloop: Pinterest Automation for Repeated Content

SmartLoop was created after many, many requests from Tailwind users. Its goal is to help you save time by automatically re-sharing your evergreen or seasonal Pinterest content.

It’s all about sharing your best Pinterest pins at the best time for engagement. In doing so you give your content the opportunity to get in front of people that are more likely to engage with it.

What is SmartLoop?

SmartLoop is new, but so far users are setting up Loops with their most popular pinning categories as well as different seasonal categories.

If you need more information about how to set up and master SmartLoop, check out this video from the team at Tailwind:

From the Dashboard you can do the following:

  • manage your SmartLoop pins
  • see an overview of your SmartLoop schedule
  • edit your SmartLoop settings

To set up your new Tailwind SmartLoop you simply choose New Loop from the dashboard to create a new loop. Then you’ll be prompted to choose the Loop you want to create.

Evergreen Loops will continue to share the pins you. This is great for content that is relevant all year round.

Seasonal Loops allow you to set specific start and stop times for the Loop to post at the same time every year. This allows your content to stay relevant – no matter what season it is on Pinterest. Tailwind App will circulate your pins at the right time of year.

How to set up a SmartLoop in Tailwind App - How to use Tailwind App for Better Pinterest Marketing Results

Usually a new loop will be based around a popular topic like Green Smoothie Recipes or the type of content like Popular Blog Posts.

If you know that most of your pins in a new Loop will be going to the same boards, you can add all of them to your Default Boards. They are saved as your preferred preference, so you don’t have to choose every board from scratch every time you add a new pin to the loop. You can adjust them later.

You can also choose to loop your pins All Year Round or seasonally between certain dates when creating a new loop.

Adding your Content from Pinterest

You can easily select content to your new loop from Pinterest.  You can do this straight from the SmartLoop Dashboard in TailwindApp. You can add recent pins or most popular pins to your SmartLoop:

How to add pins from Pinterest to smartloop in Tailwind App - How to use Tailwind App for Better Pinterest Marketing Results

You can also search for specific pins or filter from Pinterest Boards. It will automatically only show pins that are from your own website.

If you sort by Most Popular pins, you can add pins that are already getting good traction on Pinterest.

Managing Your Loops in SmartLoop

Once you have all the pins you want in your loop, you can choose how often you want the loop to post. Tailwind will suggest two options:

  • Your Core Content – this content will take up a larger part of your schedule.
  • Niche Topic – this content will take up a smaller part of your schedule.

Tailwind App also shows you the number of time slots that will be added to your schedule and how long it will take to loop the pins. Your calendar will show you visually what the time slots for your content look like.

You can adjust any of this later from the Loop settings or increase or decrease how much you post and what you post from each Tailwind Loop.

Using Tailwind Analytics to Smash Your Pinterest Goals

One of the best features of Tailwind is the Analytics. Even on the basic Plus Plan you get access to the following statistics from your Pinterest Profile:

  1. 30 Day History Archive
  2. Basic Board Metrics like Followers, Pins, Repins and LIkes for each Board
  3. Organic Activity on Pinterest – ie no. of Pins and Pinners
  4. Track Recent Pins – track the most recent organic pins from your Domain
  5. Analyze 5000 posts – by board, category, date, keywords, hashtags and more.
  6. Pin Inspector – to see the repins of pins you’ve added to Pinterest and how each pin is performing as well as your most ppular pins.
  7. Board Insights to see what boards are performing the best in terms of Pins, Repins and Virality.

Here’s Alisa from Tailwind talking about Board Insights and how they work:

Basically Tailwind App has awesome analytics that tell you (easily) what content is resonating with your followers and Pinners.

Even on the basic paid plan you’ll get a lot of great intel about your Pinterest Marketing, so it’s definitely worth it.

Tailwind for Pinterest Pricing

Can I get a Free Trial of Tailwind App?

Yes!  You can sign up with my link to take Tailwind for a spin. On the free trial, you can schedule 100 pins in total, and there’s no time limit for using them.

Once your 100 pins are posted, you can choose to upgrade to a paid plan as follows:

Tailwind App Pricing

The overall Tailwind App pricing is split into a number of tiers through to Enterprise level, which is quite expensive. Let’s focus on Free and Plus as that’s where most of my audience will fall:

1. Free – You can get started with Tailwind now and pin up to 100 pins. There’s no time limit. It just depends on how long you take to pin those pins. You won’t have to enter your credit card details until the pins run out (there’s no time limit). Then you’ll be asked if you want to purchase the Plus (paid) Plan.

2. Plus – $15 USD per month (or $9.99 USD per month paid annually). It’s great value when you consider it includes:

  • Unlimited Pinning on the annual plan (400 pins if you pay monthly)
  • Advanced Scheduling using the SmartSchedule.
  • Tailwind Analytics to monitor Pin, Board and Profile results.
  • 5 Tribe Memberships plus 30 Tribe Submissions per month.
  • 250 SmartLoop Pins.

Note: You are limited to 400 scheduled pins per month on the monthly plan vs unlimited if you pay annually ($119 or $9.99 per month equivalent). It’s unusual pricing considering you pay more for monthly anyway, but just be aware of this if you want unlimited pinning.

If you want add-ons for Tailwind Tribes or SmartLoop, you can buy “Power Ups” between $9.99 and $29.99.  However, for most of my readers, Tribes will be the place to start if wanting to build Pinterest traffic.

That’s a Wrap!

I know this is a LOT of information about Tailwind App. But the idea is that you can dive back into this article at any time to find the information you need.

And the best thing about Tailwind is that they have GREAT tutorials and prompts in the dashboard to help you learn how to use it, so you’ll learn easily as you go.

That’s it – now you have everything you need to change up your Pinterest Marketing with Tailwind App. I hope you enjoyed the review.

Over to You

Are you actively sharing content to Pinterest?

Do you think your Pinterest Marketing will get a boost with Tailwind App?

Share in the comments below. 

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