10 Demand-Gen Campaign 'Gotchas' to Overcome for Flawless Marketing Automation Execution

Marketing automation is not a new concept to B2B marketers by any stretch of the imagination, but the extent to which marketers use their marketing automation platform (MAP) is a different story.

When making the transition to marketing automation, many B2B organizations find scale to be the biggest issue they face. Let’s look at an example.

Before marketing automation, you may have had the luxury of focusing on a single email or single event. You identified a list, you created your email, with a landing page that may or may not include a form, and you launched that email at a certain day and time. Your flow may have looked like this:

With marketing automation, you can scale your campaigns to include multiple touches across the buying journey, significantly increasing your ability to engage with your customers and prospects.

For example, you can create email nurture campaigns that drip email messages over a span of time, and you can personalize that message based on a particular segment of your target audience.

The following illustrated flow showcases a campaign with multiple touches and multiple segments. You can also automate this campaign to be evergreen: As records qualify for the campaign, they can enter into the flow:

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