Social Media Updates October 11

Holy moly can you believe it’s already October and Thanksgiving is just around the corner?


Have you ever had to spell your Instagram username over and over again to someone?

What a pain!

If you have, you’ll love nametags. Instagram nametags are scannable codes that let you share your account easily. Go to your profile, tap on the 3 line icon, select the nametag tab and customize your own.

Why This Matters to Your Business

Now it’s easy for people to find your Instagram account! Add the nametag code to the back of your business card, print and display in your store, add to your website, and people you meet can quickly follow you on Instagram.

A nice business tool.


Have you ever wanted to create an Instagram story longer than 15 seconds? Soon you may be able to do just that! This new feature is in test mode and we’re eagerly awaiting its arrival.

How it will work is that you will be able to load a video to Stories and Instagram will automatically break it down into 15-second segments for stories that are stitched together.

Why This Matters to Your Business

Instagram stories are growing 15x faster than feed content. They’re an important way to interact with your audience. The ability to have videos longer than 15 seconds will expand the creative ways businesses use stories to display their products, build brand loyalty and more.


Google+ is officially done by August 2019. In the beginning, Google+ was a rapidly growing network that has since been in decline.

Why This Matters to Your Business

Users may have already quit using Google+ but for those who haven’t, it’s important to think of the next steps for your Google+ content and the platforms you should focus your attention on now.

I use Google+ primarily for SEO reasons. I would share a post on Google+ in order to get it indexed by Google right away. Now this can still be done but you need to shift to the Google my Business area in order to share a new blog post and get it indexed by Google.


Facebook launched premieres, a new video feature that allows you to release a pre-recorded video as a live moment along with interactive video polls and making top fans product available to all eligible pages globally.

Why This Matters to Your Business

Video is vital and Facebook is building more ways creators and publishers can grow their audience and connections through video. Your business can create a premier ahead of your live video and it effectively promotes the video. Polls are a great way to get user engagement and now you can reward top fans for their activity and engagement with your page.


It’s been spotted! Cross-posting from Facebook business pages to Instagram is here for select pages. But it’s only been seen on desktop. We’ve been able to cross-post from Instagram to Facebook for a while now, and we are excited to see that we are soon going to be able to post the other way.

Why This Matters to Your Business

While cross-posting can be beneficial for your business it is important to remember that Instagram and Facebook pages may have different audiences and may require different content on occasions.


Seems like updates keep rolling out!


What’s the most significant update for you?


Check back in two weeks for more updates on what is happening in the Social Media world!

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