Six Email Habits That Are Alienating Your Customers

Businesses depend on email as the glue that pulls marketing tactics together, yet many otherwise-savvy marketers misuse email in a way that ultimately alienates customers.

Here are six common blunders.

1. Batch-and-Blast

Years ago, one-size-fits-all communications worked fine, and you might well have created one email for everyone and sent it once a week. Though it still happens, it’s no longer the norm now that merchants can take advantage of more sophisticated customer intelligence.

If you’re still sending a single message to all your customers, regardless of their behavior or history with your company, think about the impression you’re making with customers who also have relationships with merchants that more fully understand their needs and desires.

Customers who sense you don’t care will delete, ignore, or unsubscribe, so focus on sending the right email at the right time for the right reason.

2. Inadequate Segmentation

Giving up batch-and-blast is only a start. You can use data to group contacts into simple segments based on factors such as age, gender, and geography, but advanced segments enable even more compelling communications.

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Tink Taylor is founder and president of dotmailer, an email marketing automation platform that enables companies to use transactional, behavioral, and social data to design, test, and send automated campaigns.

LinkedIn: Tink Taylor

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