5 Awesome Instagram Story Tools to Make Stories like a Pro

If you’re looking for Instagram Story Tools then look no further. In this post we share 5 Awesome Instagram Story tools to Make Stories like a Pro.

Instagram Stories are hot in 2018. Everyone is talking about how important it is to include them in your social media strategy (I wrote about that here).

But what about the tools that will help you to create better Instagram Stories?

You’re in luck. I have 5 awesome Instagram Story tools that will help you to take your Instagram Stories to the next level.

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5 Instagram Story Tools for Pro Stories!

I hope you love these Instagram Story tools as much as I do.  No 5 is my favourite at the moment, and is something I have been wanting for a while now!

1  Easil’s Instagram Story Templates

I love (LOVE) Easil’s Instagram Story’s templates. They make my life so much easier when creating branded or episodic content for Instagram stories and I know they will help you too.  Here is just a small selection of them:

A Selection of Instagram Story Templates in Easil - 5 Awesome Instagram Story Tools to Make Stories like a Pro

Easil has a huge range of Instagram Story Templates with more being added every day. They are super easy to edit to fit your brand.

Here’s just one of their Top Tips Templates:

Instagram Story Templates by Easil - Top Tips - 5 Awesome Instagram Story Tools to Make Stories like a Pro

Easil has a large range of template types to choose from including:

  1. Top Tips –  ie share the top things about any subject, including tourism destinations, tips, local secrets or tech hacks.
  2. Fan Photos – if you want to run a Fan Photo Friday Instagram Story, Easil has you covered.
  3. Instagram Live Announcements – ramp up some interest in your Instagram Live by announcing it beforehand using some eye-catching images.
  4. Instagram Story Takeover – announce an Instagram Story Takeover using the image and information about the person doing the takeover.  Add it to the template and Boom – you’ll get noticed!
  5. Behind the Scenes – Take us behind the scenes with Easil’s Behind the Scenes templates – create an intro image to introduce the theme of your story.
  6. New Product or Service – Easil has loads of templates to help you showcase a product or service in the style it deserves!
  7. Breaking News or Event Announcement – Add an image to announce that you will be sharing some breaking news. It’s a great way to catch attention and encourage people to click and watch your story.
  8. Discount or Exclusive Offer – Edit a discount/offer template to match your brand and then share your latest offer exclusively with your Story viewers.
  9. Tease New Blog Content – these templates can be used to add your own blog content and tell your viewers about it. No more thinking about how to showcase your new blog post!
  10. Call to Action – Call to Action Templates are great for linking to your link in bio or asking Story viewers to “Swipe Up” if you have that feature on your account.
  11. Quotes – Ahh good old quotes. Easil has them ready to go!  Add a quote to your instagram story for inspiration and motivation.

Here’s another example of one of Easil’s Template for an Instagram Story Takeover:

Instagram Stories Takeover Template by Easil - 5 Awesome Instagram Story Tools to Make Stories like a Pro

The beauty of Easil’s Instagram Story Templates is that they are very “drag-and-drop”, so all you have to do is snap your background photos in, change the text, colors or fonts and you have yourself an engaging Instagram Story that is branded and fun to view.

Easil is a desktop tool,  but all you have to do is download your designs to a folder in Dropbox and then upload into Instagram Stories. It’s super simple!  Personally I like creating my stories on desktop with templates as I can easily create 2 or 3 ideas for the week in batches.

You can find out more about Easil and get started with a free account here (+ 30 days of Plus Level on me!)

2  Storeo

Storeo is a mobile app that has been my go-to hack for Instagram Stories for a while now…

Storeo App for Instagram Stories - 5 Awesome Instagram Story Tools to Make Stories like a Pro

It helps you to:

  1. Upload any image from your camera roll and edit it for Instagram Stories.
  2. Capture video directly with the app.
  3. Convert the resulting video into 15 second snippets that can be updated in correct order to Instagram Stories.

This allows you to create a seamless video experience for videos longer than 15 seconds.  No more stopping and starting to get your message out within the 15 second time limit!

How to use Storeo to upload your video into Instagram Stories (seamlessly) - 5 Awesome Instagram Story Tools to Make Stories like a Pro
Upload your video as 5 “slices”.

Recently Instagram opened up our camera roll to allow access to video and photos more than 24 hours old (and in doing so, opened up a world of untapped content to be repurposed!).

So, the access to old footage is not such a big deal anymore. However the advantage of Storeo is that you can edit any of those videos into a format that you can easily upload into Instagram Stories. The end result is a seamless video that looks like one continuous piece of content.

And you no longer have to watch the clock when recording video snippets.  It’s so unnatural!

Storeo is available on iTunes for iOS. It’s $9.99 so it’s not a cheap app, but if you use Instagram Stories regularly, you’ll find it a no-brainer to pay for the app.

Sorry I am not aware of an Android app that does the same thing but if you do know of one please let me know so I can add it to my recommended tools ;o)

3  Cut Story

Although I have been using Storeo, I had to include Cut Story as I have recently checked it out and it’s another great option for Instagram Story Tools and posting seamless video to Instagram Stories.

Cut Story App for Instragram Stories - Select a Video or Multiple Photos - 5 Awesome Instagram Story Tools to Make Stories like a Pro

After you select your video or photos, you can set the duration of your video You can choose between:

  • Instagram (15 seconds)
  • Facebook (20 seconds)
  • WhatsApp (20 seconds)
  • VK (12 seconds) – a Russian Social media platform. 
  • Custom length (ideal for Instagram feed videos up to 60 seconds)

Cut Story App - Set the duration of your videos for Instagram Posts or Instagram Stories. 5 Awesome Instagram Story Tools to Make Stories like a Pro

Next you can Add Music. Be sure to only use music you own the rights to, especially if it will be used for anything other than personal use:

Cut Story App - Add music to your video

And finally upload your finished video into Instagram Stories (or even Instagram posts!)

Cut Story App - upload your finished video into Instagram Stories. 5 Awesome Instagram Story Tools to Make Stories like a Pro

Cut Story is similar to Storeo with one main difference:

You can edit the video into any length (not just 15 seconds).  It’s great for Instagram Stories but you can also edit your video for Instagram Posts (60 seconds) or as you can see above – it’s perfect for when you want to post videos to different platforms but need the length controlled. Winning!

Cut Story is also on iTunes for iOS and it’s free to use with some affordable in-app purchases to remove the Cut Story logo, add music etc.

Again I don’t know of an Android version (insert sad face ). Hit me up with an alternative if you know one!

4  InShot App

InShot App is available on iOS and Android (yay!). When it comes to Instagram Story Tools it’s worth checking out.

This app is so handy for quickly converting any size video to Instagram Story size straight from your mobile. You can also change your original video to just about any size you want WHILE making it still look good.  And Vertical video is huge, so this is a perfect app for your phone.

You can capture video or images/photos with the app itself.  In this case I have uploaded a video that was taken in vertical aspect, straight from my iPhone.  When it opens up in InShot App you are immediately provided with a comprehensive menu of options to edit your video:

Inshot App has loads of functions in the menu. 5 Awesome Instagram Story Tools to Make Stories like a Pro

You can see that InShot is already starting to allow for video size transitions, by adding the background in the same colour scheme as my video.

So I can easily size it perfectly for Instagram stories by choosing the Canvas button and then finding the 9:16 Instagram Story size. In this case, it’s an easy switch as I have recorded vertically so it’s just a matter of sizing it more accurately for Instagram Stories:

InShot App Instagram Story Size. 5 Awesome Instagram Story Tools to Make Stories like a Pro

You can also resize it for landscape.

Inshot App Landscape Image. 5 Awesome Instagram Story Tools to Make Stories like a Pro

See how the surrounding areas of the video (on landscape view) are automatically matched in colour to the video, when I put it into landscape format? InShot is using the Blur Background feature.

The same thing happens if I go square:

Inshot App Square Canvas size - 5 Awesome Instagram Story Tools to Make Stories like a Pro

This means you can quickly convert videos from Instagram Stories to another size without having to worry about designing a new background. In short, you avoid the “big boring black strips” that appear when the original video size is not matched to the new size.

You can choose other background colours or patterns too but I like the background blur effect. You can even change the intensity so it is subtle or more obvious:

InShot App border options. 5 Awesome Instagram Story Tools to Make Stories like a Pro

In summary, InShot App has a few features that I love:

  • You can edit video (and photos) quickly and easily on your phone – trim, delete sections, adjust speed and even merge videos and images! It even allows you to sync sound and video for detailed editing (not bad for a smartphone app!).
  • As above, you can blur the border for photo and video to make any video “ready” for the platform specs you are working with.  Convert Your Instagram Stories to Other Video Sizes in a Snap!
  • You can add music effects and voiceovers. It has many fun sound effects but you can also add your own music via mp3 files as well as voiceovers.
  • You can add text to photos and videos using basic fonts as well as add filters. You can also add emojis on photos.. and video!
  • A range of canvas sizes including Instagram Stories (so it’s easy to convert your Instagram Stories to other Video sizes in a snap).
  • You can pinch video to zoom in and out on your phone screen.
  • You can share to all the usual suspect social platforms (in high resolution).

With the free app you get a range of fun stickers (that are animated) or you can purchase in-app sticker packs:

InShot app - fun stickers! 5 Awesome Instagram Story Tools to Make Stories like a Pro


5  Record a screencast video from your iPhone Home Screen.

I’m excited. I am always fiddling around with iPhone tools (more than one!) to record iphone screencasts… it’s cumbersome!

I like to take screencasts of what I am doing on my phone. Then I can use those demonstrations in a lot of live presentations at conferences.

So when I discovered that the new iOS 11 update allows you to record your screen using a simple feature from your home screen…

I can’t even. So excited.

How do you do it?

To set it up, make sure you have updated your software to iOS 11.

Then go to Settings > Control Centre > Customize Controls on your iPhone,and scroll down to find Screen Recording. 

Find the Screen Recording Icon in your Iphone home settings. 5 Awesome Instagram Story Tools to Make Stories like a Pro

Make sure that Screen Recording is toggled “on” so that it features in your Control Centre. 

Go to your home screen and Swipe Up to access your Control Settings. You should see the Screen Recording Icon there now:

Screen Recording is now in your Control Settings! 5 Awesome Instagram Story Tools to Make Stories like a Pro

Simply click the Screen Recording icon when you are ready. You’ll get a 3 second countdown and you’re on!  Or you can press and hold that same button to get the microphone to switch on if you want to record your voice!

Microphone on for screen recording on iPhone. 5 Awesome Instagram Story Tools to Make Stories like a Pro

This is the icon that shows when recording has started!  You can then click around, scroll and move about your phone. Everything you do is recorded from your phone screen using this feature. It’s the easiest way to screencast a demonstration on your phone:

Start recording with your Screen Recording setting on iPhone. 5 Awesome Instagram Story Tools to Make Stories like a Pro

When you are finished recording, you’ll get a reminder – telling you that the finished recording has been sent to your camera roll.

iPhone Screen Recordings are sent straight to your camera roll! 5 Awesome Instagram Story Tools to Make Stories like a Pro

The potential for this feature is huge. You can:

  • Screencast a how-to video, showing how to do something on your phone.
  • Tease a new blog post by clicking to it and scrolling.
  • Showing how to do something on social media.
  • Highlighting reviews or testimonials.
  • Preview something – Show what a website, membership site, lead magnet or download will look like to potential customers – on their phone.
  • Share a new app that you love.

You’re only limited by your imagination .. and because it is easy to do, you’ll most likely use it more often!  No more faffing around with multiple tools for iphone screencasts! This is my favourite of the Instagram Story Tools right now.

Oh …and I am equally excited by the Apple TV Remote function I discovered was in my Control Centre alongside Screen Recording.  I seriously wonder why Apple created such a small remote control. It’s ALWAYS going missing down the side of our couch. Now I’ll have it on my phone!

Over to You

Which Instagram Story Tools are you using? Did you discover some new ones?  Tell me about your favourite Instagram Story Tools in the comments below.

This post contain affiliate links, so if you purchase certain tools using the links in this post, I will receive financial compensation (at no cost to you).  I only promote brands, services and tools that create kick-butt helpful content, resources and offers for my community.  

5 Awesome Instagram Story Tools to Make Stories Like a Pro


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