The Art and Science of Personal Branding Online [Infographic]

These days everybody is online, so how can you make yourself stand out?

With 138 million people on LinkedIn, according to an infographic by Best Marketing Degrees, you have some competition in getting potential employers to notice you.

You can start, the infographic suggests, with a strong profile picture: It takes only one-tenth of a second to form an impression of someone based on a photo. Make sure to smile naturally and show some teeth, dress professionally, and frame the shot in an appealing way.

Make sure you also keep your LinkedIn summary updated. Highlight successes, give it some personality, and show who you are in addition to what you’ve achieved.

Building a strong personal brand online can have the benefits of increased networking opportunities and better control over your image when someone searches for you, the graphic points out, so there’s no time to waste.

To check out all the tips on building your personal brand, see the infographic:


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Laura Forer is the manager of MarketingProfs: Made to Order, Original Content Services, which helps clients generate leads, drive site traffic, and build their brands through useful, well-designed content.

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