Because Bigger Isn’t Always Better – A Quick Guide To Creating Short Form Video Content – 1 Minute Moment #94

Because Bigger Isn’t Always Better – A Quick Guide To Creating Short Form Video Content

Not all video has to be minutes long. Short form video content and by that I mean up to 15 seconds long is quick and fun to create and has impact. It’s the sort of video that will stop people scrolling. It’s short enough to keep people watching to the end.

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Short form video content, what is it and how do you do it?

What can you use short form video for?

Instagram, Twitter and Facebook are the perfect hosts for your short videos. Unlike YouTube people don’t go to these channels to seek out video, they are more likely to find it in the feed.

Short video snippets of staff or customers

Encourage your customers or staff to say a phrase or word to camera. This works particularly well on Snapchat or Instagram stories as it edits your clips together for you.

Make a slideshow of photos showing off your product, a day in the life or highlights from an event

Flipagram is the ideal tool to cut your photographs or short video clips together into a video

Yesterday at #f8meetup #dublin be like ?#lovedublin #instaireland #igersdublin

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Create shareable quotes

Quote photographs are always a hit on social media but by using tools like Vont (iPhone) or Legend (iphone/Android) you can overlay your quote or statistic on a video background.



I like using Boomerang to create a looping video for the background

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Run a ‘What happened next’ competition

Tease your audience with a ten second clip and ask them to guess what happens next. It’s a great way to get quality engagement on your posts.

Create a teaser trailer for a longer video

Cut an entertaining snippet from an existing video and share it as a trailer on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. This is something I do to promote my one minute moments.

Instagram’s built in editing is ideal for this, trim down your clip and make sure your phone is set to save videos you upload to Instagram. Now you can use that clip on your other social media channels.


Make a collage of video clips

If you’ve created a number of short form videos already you can bring these into a collage using PicPlayPost.

Create a trailer with Lomics

Lomics is a fun tool that allows you to combine video and images in a comic strip style video. I’ve enjoyed playing with this and am planning a proper video with it shortly.

Here’s a fun one that Eleanor Goold created to promote an email marketing course.

Be utterly compelling ? Link in bio

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Your Turn

Short form video content is fun to create and can give you a boost on social media. Master short form content and you’ll soon be ready to shoot your first, longer video.

Have you made a short form video that has worked well on social media? I’d love to see your examples so leave me a comment below.

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