Facebook and Instagram Updates for October 19th

Innovation keeps the social network’s new and fresh and changing every day. The cause for the innovation? The quest to make the platform attractive so people stay and spend more time, which makes the platform more profitable. Personally, I’m glad that the platforms innovate so much, or what would I have to talk about?

Facebook Updates

Order Food from Facebook!

You’re already on Facebook and you decide you’re hungry … what to do? Order from your favorite takeout restaurant directly on Facebook! Facebook automatically sorts by location so only the restaurants near you show up. Imagine if you were traveling to a new city how handy this app would be! And the food can be delivered right to the door. Super busy and don’t have time to cook? Order delivery through Facebook. Sick and don’t feel well, order delivery through Facebook.


For restaurants, this may be a game changer.

People love their Facebook and with the low-cost ads getting people to use the app to order will be quick and easy. Facebook wins because now people don’t have to leave the app to get a bite to eat!  One stop shopping for food makes it easy!

Stories Now on Facebook Pages

Now all Facebook pages have access to use Facebook Stories (or will shortly). Just in time for Instagram stories posting to Facebook.  Stories provide another means to share information, connect with your audience, and be top-of-mind.


Stories are a great way to show off a new product or service. A short video of the product or a “flipbook” of product shots and how to use the new product is perfect to raise awareness and knowledge.

Instagram Stories Now Posting on Facebook

For marketers this is incredible! Post once and hit 2 networks. We’re talking about creating your story on Instagram and then choosing to have it pushed to your Facebook Stories as well.

Younger generations are on Instagram, older generations are on Facebook. Now Facebook users can see what Instagram users are doing on their stories.


This is such a time and energy saver! Marketers are always stretching themselves thin on social media. This new capability will give them another resource in their toolbox.

Now Grandma can keep up with her grandkids! Who knows, they may even have something to talk about now and Gma may get more phone calls. ?

Instagram Updates

Polls come to Instagram Stories

This is so exciting! Polls have endless applications:

  • Get viewers opinions on colors for your newest product
  • Ask viewers to choose product upgrades
  • Vote on new menu options
  • Choose book covers or new branding with polls


Crowdsource new products and options from the people who buy from you. I have a friend that has been using polls to gather info for her newest ebook. The polls have given her a couple surprises she wasn’t expecting as to what her audience wants to learn.


Twitter Testing 280 Character Tweets

This is certainly a change for them. Their rationale is that hopefully more people will tweet when they have more room to clearly express themselves.


Twitter has been hurting lately for new users and higher earnings. They’re hoping that by adding the additional characters they’ll be able to break into foreign markets that were previously challenged by the 140 character limit.

Whew!  It’s making my head spin at times trying to keep up, it’s important to know what features are available to you and how you might use them in your marketing. It’s an adapt, adapt, adapt world!

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